Top 7 Things to do in Bangkok

If you are in Bangkok for the first time, or if you plan to stop here even for just a day here are the top 7 things to do:

Wat Phra Kaew and The Emerald Bhudda

This is the most important temple in Bangkok. Impossible to not remain with your head up admiring the amazing buildings details and the pagodas surfaces. The painting on the walls tell you the story of Siam Empire and Thai culture and beliefs. Inside the main building a unique piece of jade of 30 cm is the Bhudda protecting Thailand. 3 times per year, usually at the changing of the season, the King personally (today his Son) changes Bhudda  gold clothes. Inside the perimeter of the temple it’s also possible to visit the Royal Palace who was the old residence of the Royal Family. Very important to follow the rules in the temple. No pictures allowed and never standing in front of Bhudda images as sign of respect.


Wat Pho and Thai Traditional Massage School

This amazing temple, second as importance in the country but for many even nicer than Wat Phra Kaew is a place to discover made of a major square containing others smaller. In the biggest area you will find the famous golden Reclining Bhudda with the base of His feet completely adorned in mother-pearl. Walking around you will have an amazing surprise: The Wat Pho Massage School. This is the most popular and old tradition massage school in Thailand where you can relax yourself a get massage from very expert teachers passing their knowledge to their students with practice since centuries.There are maps of the body that exist just in this temple. The thai massage consist in digital -pressure of body points stimulating the circulation, the wellness and the reactions of all the body organs. Reflexology massage and oil massage are also available for very low price compared to western ones. You will be amazed from the good feeling of an hour of massage in these place and we are sure that if you have time you may also think to spend a week taking a course here in these school and get deeper into thai culture.


Chao Phraya River Tour

Before Thailand became an emerging country with hundreds of high buildings its life was developped on the main river Chao Phraya and its hundreds of canals. That’s why we suggest you to go to any pier of taxi boat and ask there to arrange you a tour among the canals where you can still admire the life as it was decades ago. It will take just one or two hours but you will experience a Bangkok often unknown and invisible to most of tourists.


Taxi Boat at Night or Dinner Cruise

Another thing that often tourists don’t see and that is maybe of the most impressive image of Bangkok is the city view by night with a taxi boat. If you pick up a taxi boat after 7pm from the Saphan Taksin boat pier 0 “zero” up to the north of the city the lights of the tall modern buildings mixed with the lights of the old temples, especially Wat Arun( the temple of Sun) will give you a wonderful remembering of Bangkok and of your holiday. For the ones who wanna have dinner in front of the spectacular view’s river we suggest to reserve a seat in one of the many company offering dinner while cruising.


Night Markets

A particularity of Thailand as Asian country are the night markets. Wherever you are in the city we are sure you will accidentally find yourself into one of them. Explore it, walk it, observe it, breath it, taste it is all we can suggest you. The colors, the faces, the smiles,the flowers, the food it’s something that you will bring in your memories long time. If you are in the area don’t hesitate to pop in at the On Nut one. There are tables available for you to seat and enjoy the magic atmosphere and hundreds of different thai typical dishes.


Rooftop Dinner

Bangkok became in the last decade a trilling city with high buildings and its bright soul it’s clearly visible from one of the most popular hotel rooftop restaurant where you may have a fantastic unforgettable dinner or, for travelers with a smaller budget, an aperitif before follow other plan for the night. Among the most popular we suggest you the Bar-Rrestaurant at the last floor of Lebua hotel called “Sirocco” (famous for different scenes in the movie “Hangover 2” and the amazing restaunat at the rooftop of Banyan Tree Hotel called “Vertigo” . Many others are displayed along the city …at you the pleasure to find the newest one.


Tuk Tuk

This experience may sound a little childish but you can believe us….it’s a must. Some say Tuk Tuk are destined to disappear because they are noisy and their engine are very far from being ecologic and we think it’s a reason more to take a trip with it. It will be funny while you hang yourself during the slalom the drivers do among cars, new and definitely different from being closed inside a taxi. Accord the price with the driver before the ride and let yourself be a child…..once more.


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